The zen of chartered flight

Posted by , SHS Brand Manager.

For many people, March Madness means brackets, buckets and Benjamins. For my household it means four-plus weeks of intense travel as a family. Airplanes, busses, hotels, light rails and crowded arenas over and over again. In the midst of this 30-day endurance test comes one saving grace: the comfort and convenience of chartered flight. My… Read more »

Wi-Fi-connected airline passengers – a marketer’s dream come true. Almost.

Posted by , SHS Group Director - Brand Management.

We airline passengers all hope that, one day soon, we will have our iPads “on” from takeoff to landing. It’s our dream to eliminate the unwieldy system of “on” until taxi, “off” until 10,000 feet, “on” until “off” on final descent, back “on” after landing and re-entering our connected world. It’s happening. Almost. A June… Read more »