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Welcome to SHS UpTake, a blog focused on marketing and communications in aviation, aerospace and defense. Our company, Sullivan Higdon & Sink, has spent over 40 years helping a range of AA&D clients successfully build their brands and effectively promote their products and services. We hope you’ll find that our collective experience uniquely qualifies us to identify and comment on issues that industry insiders will find interesting, engaging and, on occasion, provocative.

You’ll note that UpTake is not a solo act, but a team effort. The contributors make their livings at SHS on our aerospace and defense team, located in Wichita, Kan., and Washington, D.C. Our experience runs the gamut from learn-to-fly promotions to military-engine battles to space-program advocacy campaigns – and virtually everything in between. We’re a diverse bunch, but we share a passion for excellence in marketing and advertising for clients in often-complex industries that are easy to love – for us anyway.

We hope you’ll consider being an active participant in the upcoming discussions. If you disagree with a position we take or a comment we make, we stand ready to defend or amend our point of view. Conversely, if you like something, we invite you to jump on our bandwagon. Either way, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Come back and see us real soon.

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