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I remember playing with decoder puzzles as a child. You know, the ones where you’d spend hours combing through various numbers and letters in the hopes of discovering the disguised message. I never imagined those early years as a linguistic explorer would come in handy as a working professional. Then I began a career in aviation advertising.

Don’t get me wrong; I’d worked in marketing for years, so I’d been programmed to deliver SEO by EOD so that my clients could increase their ROI ASAP. I was used to text-speak, tweet speech, SMS and so on.  But nothing, I repeat, nothing, could have prepared me for that first heaping helping of aviation alphabet soup.

This hearty serving of numbers and letters is enough for even the most seasoned linguist to choke on. Don’t believe me? Taste this excerpt from the September/October issue of “Airline Economics:”

ELFC which announced an MoU for PML on the launch date, has elected five 7Bs to be included in PML, but it has approximately 40 first-run CFM engines if 5Bs are included. Theoretically PML could be expanded into that grouping plus any new engines that ELFC is going to acquire by SPEC or on sale-and-leaseback.  During September GECAS, ELFC and SMRC all began hammering out draft agreements for PML.

Gag! My initial response to this assignment was “OMG! Who writes this stuff? Better yet, who reads this stuff? How am I ever going to decipher this strange new language vital to my newfound career?” Thankfully, after three months of alphabet soup, my taste buds have sharpened. I am now able to swallow the dense mouthful of aviation acronyms these trade pubs serve up.

I’m mastering the recipe for how OEMs provide efficient MRO services with quick TAT and TOW. And how PW, GE, RR and IAE all fit into the aircraft engine manufacturing landscape. BTW my clients are no longer strange beings from another planet. Conference calls no longer resemble a UN General Counsel meeting in Tatooine.

My newfound capabilities have made me realize YOLO, and today I’m serving my own heaping helping of alphabet soup.


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